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About Handworks

Welcome to Handworks of Danville, we are celebrating our 24+ years of excellence in offering fine hand made art works, by our over hundred artists and artisan vendors. Most of the items in our store is unique and one of a kind and therefore you will be the only one who have it in the world, so your shopping experience of our Handworks would remain as a lifetime story to tell to your friends and family.

If you are thinking of buying a gift that is absolutely handmade and local you would better head to our store we have more than ten thousand different items for all occasions and all seasons be it a birthday gift, happy Easter, Christmas or any other special events.

The crafts we sell are made of variety of materials such as wood, precious and semiprecious jewels, metals, Wool, Glass, fabric etc but they are all hand made or Hand Crafted with love and care and a very critical artistic eye.

Our artists make handmade fine jewelry, Beautiful wood carvings, Photography, Doll clothes and accessories, Hand knit and hand stitched baby and kids clothes, Hand painted gifts and decor for home, glass jewelry, Unique and hard to find flags, christmas decor and so much more.

Business Hours 10am to 6pm

Everyday including weekends.

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